Saturday, May 2, 2015

Interesting game-2

Budovskis,Inesis (LAT) – Melchor,Alejandro (ESP)
Corr. II World Ch.Latvian gambit, 1997

1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 f5 3.¤xe5 £f6 4.¤c4 fxe4 5.¤c3 £f7 6.¤e3 c6 7.¤xe4 d5 8.¤g5 £f6 9.¤f3 ¥d6 10.d4 ¤e7 11.g3 ¥e6 12.¥g2 ¤d7 13.0–0 0–0 [13..h6!? 14.b3 0-0-0 15.c4 g5 was an Kosten,T idea tested in Budovskis-Svendsen, corr. II World Ch. LG, 1997 too, where Black got the draw in 31 moves] 14.£d3!? [Budovskis idea; 14.b3 was the usual move; 14.¤g5!?]

14...¦ae8 [in the same tourney, Franz Destrebecq tested 14... ¤f5 also vs. Latvian IM, but after 15.¤g4! £g6 16.¤ge5 etc. his position was  poor another time]

15.b3 [15.¥d2 ¤g6 (15...c5 16.¥c3 c4 17.£d2) 16.¦ae1 ¤b6 17.¦e2]

15...¤g6 [15...¥f7 16.¤h4 ¥h5 17.f4±]

16.¥d2 [16.c4!?]

16...¦e7 17.c4 ¦ef7 [17...¦fe8 18.cxd5 cxd5 19.¤e1 ¢h8 20.f4±]

18.cxd5 cxd5 19.h4 h6 20.h5 [¹20.¦ae1 ¤e7 21.¤h2±]

20...¤e7 21.¤h4! ¤b6 [¹21...¤c6 22.¥c3 ¤b6 23.a4±]

22.a4 [22.f4!]

22...¤c6 23.a5 ¤d7 [23...¤a8 24.¦a4 ¤c7 25.f4±]

24.¦a4 [24.¥c3!? Budovskis,I]

24...b5! 25.£xb5 ¤xd4 26.£d3 ¥c5 27.b4 [27.¤g6 ¤f3+ (27...¦d8 28.¤xd5 ¤f3+ 29.¥xf3 £xf3 30.¤de7++–; 27...¤e5 28.¤xe5 £xe5 29.f4 ¥f5 30.fxe5 ¥xd3 31.¦xf7 ¦xf7 32.¥xd5±) 28.¥xf3 £xf3 29.¤xf8 ¤xf8 30.¥b4 d4 31.¥c5 ¥d5÷; 27. ¤xd5 ¥xd5 28. ¥xd5± ]

27...¤e5 28.£a6 £xh4?!

 [28...¥e7! 29.f4 ¤c4 30.¦f2 ¤b3 (a curious way to draw: 30...¦d8 31.¤g6 ¦d6 32.£xa7 ¥f8 33.£a8 ¦d8 34.£a6 ¦d6 etc. =) 31.¤xc4 dxc4 32.¥e3 ¦d8 33.¤g6 c3÷]

29.gxh4 ¥c8 30.£xc8 [30.£b5 ¤xb5 31.bxc5 d4 32.¤c2 ¥a6²; 30.¥xd5 ¥xa6 31.bxc5 ¤df3+]

30...¤df3+ 31.¢h1 ¦xc8 32.¦c1 [32.bxc5! ¤xd2 33.¦d1 ¦xf2 (33...¤e4? 34.¦xd5) 34.¦a2 d4 35.¤d5]

32...¦f4 33.¥xf3 ¤xf3 34.¦a2 ¤xd2 35.¦xd2 ¦xb4 36.¤xd5 ¦xh4+ 37.¢g2 ¦h2+ 38.¢g1! [38.¢xh2 ¥d6+ 39.¢g2 (39.f4 ¦xc1 40.¤f6+ gxf6 41.¦xd6 ¢f7 42.¦d7+ ¢e6 43.¦xa7 ¦a1 44.¢g3 ¢f5=) 39...¦xc1 40.¤f6+ gxf6 41.¦xd6 ¦c5 42.¦a6 ¢f7 43.¦xa7+ ¢e6=]

38...¦xh5 [38...¦xf2 39.¦xc5 (39.¤e7+ ¢h7 40.¤xc8 (40.¦xc5 ¦xc5 41.¦xf2 ¦e5) 40...¦f5+ 41.¦xc5 (41.¢g2 ¥e3) 41...¦xc5=) 39...¦xc5 40.¢xf2 ¦xa5 41.¤f4]

39.¤e7+ ¥xe7 40.¦xc8+ ¢h7 41.¦d7 ¦g5+?? [41...¥c5 42.¦cc7 (42.a6 ¦g5+ 43.¢f1 h5 44.f4 ¦f5 45.¢e2 ¥b6÷) 42...¦g5+ 43.¢f1 a6 44.f4 ¦g1+ 45.¢e2 ¥b4÷ Shredder6.02, but probably 44.¦b7!± avoiding ...¥b4 or ...¥b6 is stronger, by my point of view]

42.¢f1 ¥b4 43.a6 ¥c5 44.f4+- ¦g1+ 45.¢e2 ¥b6 46.f5 [46.¦c6!?] 46...¦g2+ 47.¢d3 ¦g3+ 48.¢e4 ¦e3+ 49.¢f4 ¦e1 50.¦f8 ¦f1+ 51.¢e4 ¦e1+ 52.¢f3 ¦f1+ 53.¢e2 ¦f2+ 54.¢e1 ¦g2 55.f6 h5 56.f7


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